"Hey Flo, just wanted to say thank-you for your wonderful treatment yesterday... whatever it is you did, was bang on... this is the BEST structurally i have felt in months. it's amazing and i am very hopeful that my old chronic pain and discomfort may soon be a thing of the past!" (Nicole A.)

"I think I did have a miracle!  :) When I got home from my treatment on Wed I could feel a sort of expansion or spreading around my sacrum which seemed to be related to the lower back/hip pain and the back of my neck and shoulders were sore as though something was happening there too.  The next day I felt a return of vitality through the whole sternum area.  It's hard to explain it but it all felt quite profound." (Anna W.)

"I came to see you about 6 months ago, from Calgary, with an injury from a car accident. Up until seeing you, I had been through 9 weeks of physio, 9 weeks of massage and 9 weeks of Chiro and was still in a lot of discomfort. We had one session together and it still blows me away, what a difference it made, and how the pain has stayed away since then." (Denise C.)

"Flo, just wanted to let you know that my jaw is almost entirely back to normal - just a little stiffness but opening much better and not sore! thanks so much." (Heather)

"I just wanted to let you know that you are a miracle worker because my hip is much better today! I still have some limited range of motion, but the pain is almost completely gone. I was able to take the barre in ballet class today, keeping my legs low, with no irritation. It is really amazing that I had almost instant relief from your treatment." (Denise B.)

"Hi Flo. Wanted to let you know that my pain and discomfort are almost non existent now in my left knee.  Since I saw  you on Friday, my nose has been running like crazy, clearing stuff out I guess and on Friday night when I was lying on my left side, my ear hurt deep deep inside.  It is fine now.  I am yawning a lot and the tightness in my jaw is almost nil.  I am able to sleep without my night guard.   I will definitely be in touch to make another appointment with you." (Barbara E.)

"I just wanted to thank you for what you did on Saturday!  I went kickboxing last night and was free of pain!  It is amazing.  I can feel it just a tiny bit today - so minimal - but I'm going to try it out for the 6 or 8 weeks and maybe come back after that." (Christy R.)

"Hi Flo, I just wanted to let you know that your treatment on Saturday was the best ever. Something has changed about your touch and I think it’s even better than before. My adductors feel great – tons of movement where there was none the day before. Shoulder issue only a minor concern and my hips is moving a lot more freely now as well. I am sure it will only get more comfortable as the weeks go on. Thank you so much! You are meant to be doing what you do and I’m so happy that you are moving in the Osteopathic direction. I feel pretty lucky that the winds blew you to Winnipeg!" (Kristy M.)

"Hey Florian, THANK YOU!!! You are like magic. I actually have not felt the same pain i was feeling before. You are the bone whisperer. I told all my friends about you. I think what you are doing is so interesting and necessary to our community." (Parminder O.)

"WOW, I feel a lot of relief.  I haven't had any reprieve for 10 months, and words can't describe how happy, relieved, and grateful I am.  From having nothing but dead-ends from every test and no answers from all of the specialists that I'd seen, I was thinking that I might not feel back to normal ever again. Those thoughts have been replaced with hope..."  (Brian L.)

"Thank you for squeezing me in today and ESPECIALLY thank you for the pelvic re-alignment!! What a difference!! I walked around a lot today and I don't feel off balance, y'know? I can feel muscles and ligaments that needed to be stretched and it is always interesting to hear you explain how that works. I really learn a lot from you. I just wanted to say what a difference it is walking around not feeling lob sided. Thanks for the info on the effects to the digestive system , it makes sense to me now. And, yes, you were communicating via Morse Code with my body because I got home and just ...well, you know...enough details here as is. Woohooo!!! Plunk. Ahhhhhhhh. Prost!" (Pamela H.)